Bar Franchise in Chandigarh

Picturesquely located on the foothills of the Shivaliks, Chandigarh as a city is a sigh for sore eyes! The scenic beauty, stunning landscape and lush green meadows make this city absolutely magnificent. A unique city, Chandigarh is the capital of two states and is a union territory by itself! There are a plethora of things that set this place apart from the rest, and the nightlife scene here is definitely one of them.

This vibrant city is famous for its sprawling clubs and bars. People from all across the country plan a visit to Chandigarh to frequent some of its most famous nightclubs and bars. The effervescent people of Chandigarh are die hard foodies and like to indulge in wining and dining at the end of a long work day. Clubs and bar franchises here are generating massive amounts of profits with a soaring high demand. Some of the most popular bar  franchises are now present in Chandigarh and tend to lure a colossal clientele rate. Since these franchises are usually established brands, they tend to emerge more successful than other independent ventures. For clubs and bars to yield high profits, one of the main areas of concern is location scouting and Chandigarh has a myriad of happening and trendy locales to choose from. Brands and Branches is a franchising company that operates predominantly in the food and beverage sector.They are a master franchisee for premium brands and also provide attractive business and investment opportunities in formats such as clubs, bars, lounges, casual, fine and quick service restaurants. While there is cut throat competition for bars to survive, Chandigarh is a city that provides irresistible opportunities. The target market here for such establishments is ideal and the potential profit generation of bars and clubs here is quite impressive!

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