Bar Franchise in Pune

Bar Franchise option in india

Also endearingly known as the “Oxford of the East”, the city of Pune is one of the most vibrant cities in India. Portraying the rich Maratha culture in its heritage, this city has a lot to offer. Banked beside river Mutha, Pune boasts ambient weather throughout the year. A canopy of lush green vegetation covers this city making it tranquil and adding to its serene beauty. However, one of the most riveting aspects about this city is indisputably its bustling nightlife. The city of Pune is unparalleled when it comes to clubs, bars, pubs etc making it one of the most popular destinations to party and frolic.

The people of Pune or ‘Punekars’ are very relaxed in nature and tend to live a lifestyle that follows the concept of work hard, play hard. With young professionals and students residing here, Pune is a city that has a high demand for unique and eccentric clubs and bars. Being a modern metropolis littered with youngsters, Pune is the ideal destination to enjoy a night of drinking and dancing. Some of the most famous clubs and bars here include The Bar Stock Exchange, Agent Jack’s Bar, High Spirits, Hopipola, Hard Rock Cafe, Tarsh Gastronomia, BMG Unplugged, The Urban Foundry, Independence Brewing Company and Apache among many others. A spirited city, Pune boasts rich vibrant Maratha culture in the day and flamboyant, vigorous bustling nightlife in the evening. Thus, bar and club franchises here tend to do extremely well with lucrative business opportunities greeting them in this city. Such establishments tend to generate massive returns on investment since they already have a ready market and demographic to penetrate.

Brands and Branches is a company based in Gurgaon that franchises for premium brands in the food and beverage industry. They are a master franchisee and also present lucrative investment prospects. They strategise the expansion of various formats in dining such as bars, clubs, lounges, pubs, casual and fine dining restaurants etc. BnB provides profitable business opportunities and assists clients in setting up remunerative franchises in hot and trendy locations and have various attractive prospects to launch in the stimulating city of Pune.

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