Barcelos franchise opportunities in India

Holding its legacy of Portuguese pride, barcelos is gaining popularity amongst the indian demographic rapidly. It is company with a humble beginning in Pretoria, South Africa in 1993 which now has outlets all over the world. The Quick Service Restaurant is named after the ancient legend of the Portuguese town called barcelos. The company started franchising in 1998 to become a house-hold name world-wide with outlets in 16 countries.

Barcelos has built its brand through traditional and authentically prepared flavours of chicken and burgers. It has expanded in India since it adds a twist to the local flavour palette.

Franchise Potential

Barcelos is a casual dining restaurant chain that seeks to establish its brand globally through inter-personal relationships to grow its business. It has well-known reputation along with proven performance. Upon acquiring the franchise, the franchisee is provided with the designs for the outlet and the franchisee shall be responsible for the outlet there after. Barcelos also provides on-site support for the 1st 10 days of the opening after a 2 week training after approval. The franchise also offers certified staff training to meet its standards and all the products are shipped from the main outlet in south Africa through its distribution network that ensures delivery of the licensed product in premium quality to all its international outlets

Barcelos is a fast food franchise with a malleable business approach that moulds itself according to the world trends, while maintaining its traditions. The food is freshly prepared and meets all health standards.the recipies used for the sauces and spices have been passed down generations through Portuguese descent. Barcelos advertises itself as a brand with a heart that aims to provide a full dining experience entwined with the experience of its roots and history.

Barcelos has a certified halaal status, customers can enjoy certified halaal meats in its outlets.

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