Franchise Restaurant vs. Independent Restaurant

It is a well known fact that while the restaurant business can be glamorous and full of excitement, it is also challenging with cut throat competition prevailing throughout. A vicious world where survival of the fittest is very real, the restaurant business can be ruthless if the restaurateur doesn’t make futuristic decisions and deliberate upon the right course of actions. However, once hitting the stride and emerging successful, there is no limit to generating massive profits and reaping the benefits of owning a thriving restaurant.

There are several ways of owning a restaurant but the two most prominent ways are to either own a franchise or start one’s own independent restaurant. While the latter might seem like a thrilling and inspiring idea, in reality, the probability of starting one’s own venture independently and succeeding is quite bleak. Owning a franchise is quite the remunerative and clever option as these restaurants tend to have established brand names that are recognized by a particular market already. They have a set organisational structure and fixed operational procedures that are easy to adopt and incorporate in the new franchise. Nailing down aspects such as menus, architectural layout, kitchen set up etc are all predetermined and save quite the hassle. All that is to be narrowed down is the location among some other minor details. The capital fee to open a restaurant franchise varies from restaurant to restaurant and the interested buyer has the power to choose according to his budget. Restaurant franchises today are doing exceptionally well since there is no limitation of new cafes, bars, lounges and restaurants with similar food and concept. Owning a restaurant franchise as opposed to starting one from scratch is definitely more profitable and lucrative for those looking to further their career in the food and beverage industry.

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