Is Cocktail Beer Changing the Brewery Business?

Cocktail beer today is definitely brewing up quite the storm in the brewery business!  With the rising popularity of microbreweries, the beer industry in India is growing at a rapid pace. Especially in metropolitan cities where there is a large settlement of youth and working professionals, such establishments are quickly becoming the new hotspots and trending locations for the current generation, giving a serious competition to bars, clubs, lounges etc. After all, what is more blissful than savoring delicious new flavors of beer in a captivating setting while perhaps viewing an engaging sports match, making idle chitchat or dancing to groovy music among friends?

What’s more, beer sales in India are expected to see an annual growth of 7.5 per cent over the next five years despite regulatory hurdles, as rising disposable incomes in the hands of middle class will lead to higher spending, says a report. According to the All India Brewing Association, craft beer sales are growing at 20 per cent y-o-y with over 80 microbreweries now in operation, compared to just two in 2008. Cocktail beers are all the rage today with some truly piquant flavors available such as Michelada, Black Velvet, Sake Bomb, Black and Tan, Boilermaker, Irish Car Bomb, Mango Beer, Paan and Honey Lavender Beer, Banana Beer, Blueberry Beer etc. Experimentation, creativity and innovation drives this industry forth and the end result seems to hit the desired market quite well. The brewery business in India is changing drastically and the success of craft beer and microbreweries is quite apparent.

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