Modern Food Culture in India

Traditional food in India has been cherished world over for its brilliant use of herbs and spices and India is famous for its diverse multi cuisine culture.  In your childhood, you probably frequented local markets for their delicious, authentic street food and freaked out on chaat, ram laddus, kebabs, momos and much more. You might have fond memories of visiting your local McDonald’s, Subway or Domino’s for a fun filled outing with your friends as you got older. However, the food culture has been changing drastically in India over the years. In this day and age, most youngsters and adults are not satiated by merely visiting a restaurant or devouring a delicious meal. The present generation prefers to be ‘entertained’ while they dine, and desire to ‘experience’ their food rather than simply consume it and are willing to go an extra mile in terms of spending money.

Bars, cafes, lounges and clubs are the trends currently taking the food industry in India by storm and are definitely here to stay. The restaurant business is one with cut throat competition and is a dog eat dog world. There are a plethora of unique, enthralling and utterly mesmerizing dining formats that not only offer superior food and drinks but also a wholesome dining experience that includes a captivating ambiance, unusual concept, bands or Djs for engaging music etc.

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