Junkyard Cafe

A place that serves healthy & junk, one that's got a little funk. Made with stuff that most throw, here its a part of the show.

Junkyard, as the name suggests is modern and artistic take on objects that are usually thrown out. These objects are turned into works of art, and make for the interesting decor the restaurant. The detail of the decor is one of the main usp's of the junkyard.

There is always going to be a few pieces of junk-art that will be attention driven and also become signature of the cafe: the transformer at the entry, the plane hanging from the ceiling, the bike etc.

The space of the restaurant is big, and a DJ console along with room to hold events, is another factor that makes the junkyard cafe a unique place.

The food is also artistically presented, and the menu has two parts: healthy and indulgent (junk food). The drinks are also served with a hard hat, in an Edison bulb etc.

The space can thus be described best as where junk meets art. Of all the bigfish restaurants, this is the high end one as the menu and space is most evolved.



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