Dragonfly Experience

Dragonfly, another gemstone in the treasure box that First Fiddle Restaurant is. The swanky restaurant offers you a plush vibe for an exquisite fine-dine experience. Indulge in a gastronomic feast with Dragonfly's culinary expertise, serving you lip-smacking Cantonese cuisine. With a palatable spread, you can also unwind to the ritzy bar offering an effervescent mix of delightful drinks. A Rejuvenating Escapade from the monotony of this city awaits for your experiences to take an opulent spin with the Dragonfly Experience . A Handcrafted and an Exclusive Array of Calibre is all set to roar the Everest of Quality and brackets of Stellar Attributes, is what Dragonfly Experience is built of.

The Stellar Spectacle of Exquisite Flavors and Exotic Spirits escalates your Experiences over Authentic Cantonese Cuisine and Bespoken & Blended Liqueurs, moments by memories. The Buzzing Adventure takes a note on the lasting impression and fashions the kick starter in the evolution of how the city raves. The Dragonfly Experience enhances the essence of the evocative nightlife, while unveiling bombinating surprises in bits and bytes of an all-embracing episode.


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