The Embassy

We at Embassy never felt the need to advertise; our clientele does that for us. We have known many of our patrons since they used to wear knickers and came here, holding their elders hand, for a plate of handmade ice-cream. Welcome to Embassy, the restaurant that stood on the sidewalk of time, while the city was frantically undergoing many a chisel. Yet the rich culture of Delhi reflects in every façade - be it our food preferences, preparations or presentation.

The first thing you notice on coming to us is the quiet glimpse of the era gone by. You can see time frozen in the doubled decked oyster and can hear the bedtime stories you heard from your grandpa.

We usually are chock-a-block at the restaurant, but for you, we'll get an extra table. Come to our morning coffee session and chances are you'll be sitting a few feet away from a political big wee debating with a colleague about the front page headlines. Come in the night and you'll see four generations of patrons debating what to demand of the chef for dessert.

The Embassy is a BnB brand that presents enormous business opportunities in franchising and expansion. Brands and Branches helps clients by assisting them in the lengthy and extensive process of franchising and by lending their expertise in the same.



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