Garam Dharam

'Garam Dharam- Dhaba Te Theka' is India's only Dharmendra-themed restaurant which serves authentic North Indian food. It is conceptualized with an earthly charm of village huts, posters of his iconic movies and memorable dialogues, which transports you to the era of the actor's superstardom. The restaurant has everything from the décor to the cutlery along with the framed movie posters on the walls, as a tribute to the legendary actor. As a special bonus, the place also features the classic bike from the movie "Sholay". The restaurant is unique in its own way as it blends rural with urban. Dhabas are usually found in the small by-lanes of big cities, but here we have both- a 'dhaba' and a 'theka' which co-exists together in the heart of the Capital. We also offer 'desi' themed mocktails and cuisine, served in a big-glass and huge steel-plate, reminding visiters of Dharmendra with each sip and every bite.

Garam Dharam is a BnB brand that presents enormous business opportunities in franchising and expansion. Brands and Branches helps clients by assisting them in the lengthy and extensive process of franchising and by lending their expertise in the same.



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