Molecule Air Bar

All great food comes from hardworking experiments of a chef, who mix and matches certain ingredients to come up with a masterpiece. Altogether, Molecule Air Bar has given the term 'experiment', a new meaning. We are currently located in Gurgaon, Sector 29. Our setup takes you back to Adolf Hitler's 'evil chemistry lab' and centered on the theme of World War II. We serve our food in crockery which symbolizes a chemistry lab; we have menu cards in the form of memorabilia from the Second World War II; the ceiling lights resemble the structure of a Molecule Air Bar; in short, we have modernized the war theme and all together it takes fusion food to a level which few have seen before.

Be it the name, ambience or the food, everything is molecular in Molecule Air Bar. It is also declared as the winner of Times Night Life Awards, 2016, in category of Noteworthy Newcomer.

Molecule Air Bar is a BnB brand that presents enormous franchising opportunities. Brands and Branches provides complete assistance to clients in this extensive process. BnB lends its expertise for lucrative expansion options.




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