OPHELIA the high end Mediterranean European tapas bar at Ashoka Hotel.
Spaces strike and time terminates at OPHELIA where opulence meets luxury at the Mediterranean & European bar & dining.Indian restaurant and hospitality entrepreneur, Akshay Anand, is also the visionary who has brought Toy Room to India. Defining and influencing India’s entertainment and dining scene for over 10 years, Anand can be applauded to give to the city some of its greatest and most popular eatery offerings which are loved by the fashion and Bollywood industry too. Hailing from a finance background, Anand’s passion for food and music is the reason for his success in the F n B industry. All set to offer a Mediterranean Bar and Dining concept to Delhi, Akshay Anand intends to give what the city had been missing.

Nestled in the graceful and elegant Ashoka Hotel in New Delhi, Ophelia is a beautiful exhibition of incomparable interior innovations in the city. With tales of opulence & splendour in all its iota, is a jamboree for the mind, body and eyes. With luxurious aesthetics marrying the unmatched comfort and variety of spaces, Ophelia uses moods of lighting to bring out the soul of the graceful restaurant designed with utmost sensitivity and devotion.

The place has an added element of synchronized colour changing lights that pair with music to offer moments unordinary. With perfectly matched outdoors & a grand welcoming entrance, Ophelia welcomes its guests with shades of glory, splendour & fashion. With a one of its kind retractable roof with embedded lights & contemporary design, Ophelia allures one with an unimaginable panache. one back to the times of good food and good mood, Ophelia offers an authentic Mediterranean fare serving the rare & authentic recipes with legendary bespoke flavours. With an in- house Turkish chef & a curated menu that pans out dishes that are made to order, made in house and made for the day, relish a satiating and inviting experience with the finest of the ingredients with elaborate marinations, enriching flavours & blossoming aroma.

Step into cabanas on the wooden deck for a top notch experience paired with a fresh and breezy look. With posh illuminations that glow up the space, experience an ocular buzz with added colours of mood boasting minimalism yet modernity. Experience the gin garden and a twinkling experience lightening one’s mood and drinks along with live counters of devouring Shawarmas, Mezzes, Dips and more from the Mediterranean cuisine.



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