Teddy Boy

New Delhi witnessed its first gastropub with Teddy Boy. A quirky and contemporary British-style lounge, Teddy Boy is an ode to the classy pubs of the 1950s that were extremely popular among the youth of Britain. The restaurant is conceptualized on the British subculture from the 1950s, thus transporting its customers to the Edwardian Era where the teddy boys dressed up in drainpipe trousers, suspenders, and long greased hair. The brand brings the DISCO and the Teddy Era back to the Indian capital.

Teddy Boy is located in N-block, CP and is spread across an area of over 10,000 sq ft and is divided into two levels. The interiors are comprised of high ceiling, dim lighting, old school walls, and vintage décor consisting of antique wall clock, deer/antler heads, and quotes. The food is suited for experimentalists who can choose from Asian fusion, British and soul food. The vibe is retro and relaxing.

In Pune, Teddy Boy lights up the Baner skyline and offers a scenic view. The property is 13,000 sq ft large and has a funky and spunky vibe. The restaurant boasts of the world's number one sound system thus amplifying the rock and roll experience of the 50's. Teddy Boy offers its guests a gastronomic experience and brings the dilli vibe with some of its menu & bar options.



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