Warehouse Café

Warehouse Café Brand is highly recognizable. It is situated in one of the best possible locations, at D- Block, Connaught Place and is designed to provide customers with a vibrant, friendly environment and superior quality food and service. The location uses Brand strong branding and marketing to encourage customer loyalty to the Brand and offer a great customer experience.

An entire new era of 'bistro culture' has started with the Warehouse Café in Connaught place which brings to you new dishes everyday, all around the year i.e. one joint, one menu & 365 dishes. The dish of the day is always sold at a discounted rate to customer and never fails to be an excite the patron.In addition to the 365 dishes, it has a very experimental range of cocktails. This café serves a wide variety of unique drinks and has a few things which make it unique: a roulette table, a beautiful patio overlooking the center of Connaught place and the iridescent flag of India and the recognition as the longest bar in Delhi.

One of the USPs of Warehouse is that one can multiply ones drinks on a roulette table! Moreover, it features a private lounge where one can host a party or just have a good time with ones friends while watching a match or gaming on PlayStation. Warehouse Café has a rejuvenating vibe because it is always buzzing with a lot people who are having a great time.

Warehouse café is a BnB brand that presents enormous business opportunities in franchising and expansion. Brands and Branches helps clients by assisting them in the lengthy and extensive process of franchising and by lending their expertise in the same.



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